Training for Contract365 Cloud

Discover why Cloud could be the better option for your company and how it can elevate productivity.

Frequency : Monthly
Duration : 2 hours
Invitees : Contract365’s clients

Monitor, Manage & Mobilise

from contract management to data analytics

Empowering you in your Projects’ Lifecycle and Processes

Project-centric companies such as those in the engineering and construction industry require precise planning and execution. With an overview of what’s really going on with each project, your company will greatly benefit from better productivity, cost management and progress monitoring.

Purpose-built for Engineering and Construction companies

Contract Management

Get your project teams organised quickly and stay tabs on all contracts’ details with a cloud-based pre-configured solution.

Enterprise Solution

Get an overview of what’s really going on with each project for better productivity, cost management and progress monitoring.

Analytics & Insights: Real-time data insights

Leverage on real-time data analytics to make quick informed decisions no matter where you are.

Free One-to-One Workshop: Overcome your project management woes

Struggling with project delays and cost overrun? Discover how you can overcome these challenges in a two-hour workshop with our industry experts. Reach us at to set an appointment now.

Client Success

Quill Construction

“With this sub-contractor module, I’m able to look into my retention sum for each of my sub-contractors.”

Senior Finance Manager of Quill Construction Sdn Bhd
Metronic Engineering

“With the Purchase Requisition function, we are able to monitor how much is spent and what is the status against the budgeted amount.”

Why Choose Cloud?

If you seek a quick set-up without hardware or IT personnel’s assistance, we have flexible subscription-based solutions that can be activated within 48 hours.


Start with what you need, and add on as your needs grow


No upgrades necessary. The latest versions are updated directly


The standard solution has been and are being used by large developers


Stop your subscription when your project ends, or restart when you have a new project

Instill a learning culture in your company

So, how much does your team know about the property sales and development industry?

Find out IFCA Academy! Here’s how it works.

  • 1. Get in touch with us.
  • 2. Login and read up on this course.
  • 3. Take the test/assessment.
  • 4. Certificate issued if a personnel passes.