Training for Contract365 Cloud

Discover why Cloud could be the better option for your company and how it can elevate productivity.

Frequency : Monthly
Duration : 2 hours
Invitees : Contract365’s clients

Why Contract365?

Some construction companies are spending more than half of their time focusing on troubleshooting data and trying to collate spreadsheets to really understand what’s actually happening. That would all be in the past with Contract365.

Contract365 has been a partner of choice for many renowned names that are involved in the construction industry. We’ll be happy to share the successes we achieved with our clients.

Instant visibility on projects’ profitability

Know how your project is doing with quick access to all cost aspects and how they relate to each other including multi-revisions of project budgets, progress claims and more.

Optimise projects’ cash flow

Easily automate your cash flow based on work plans and activities to ensure timely decision-making. No more depending on manual processes and spreadsheets!

Monitor projects’ cost in real-time

Prevent cost overruns by effectively tracking and accounting for project costing and maintaining better control over resources.