Training for Contract365 Cloud

Discover why Cloud could be the better option for your company and how it can elevate productivity.

Frequency : Monthly
Duration : 2 hours
Invitees : Contract365’s clients

Contract Management

The single source of information
for your contracts, projects and payments

When you digitise contract-related information, you will be able to make quick yet informed decisions if work is not proceeding according to contract documents or easily follow document trails when you need to check on previous contract or payment activities.

Pre-configured solution




Contract Management can be up and running xx days, so that your company can benefit from these advantages.

Track All Contract Revisions

Changes made to the original contract specifications are tracked within the Variation Order. It will automatically revise the Contract Sum while maintaining full historical information of changes made.

Better Cost Measurement

Most construction companies’ key challenge is to ensure project completion within the budgeted timeframe and cost. Thus, the Contract365 Contract Management is designed to:

  • support multiple versions of budget
  • track the actual usage
  • report on the budgeted, actual, committed and forecasted cost
  • Costs are measured based on resources defined for each project/contract activity.
Eliminate Cost Overruns

To minimise or eliminate cost overruns, the committed cost of awarded sub-contracts and purchase order issued can be compared against the budgeted cost and actual cost. By automating your project’s cash flow analysis by combining data from various departments with Contract365 Contract Management, you can monitor it closely to ensure that your project can be finished on time, on budget and still yield a satisfying profit.

Monitor Clients’ Claims End-to-End

Claims made by clients are tracked from the submission, right down to approval. Retention amounts are automatically computed, based on contract specifications.

Keep Track of Sub-Contractors

All your sub-contractors’ profile and historical records of contracts awarded will be stored here. You can track progress claims, VOs, Advances, percentage of work done, material on-site, performance bond, bank guarantee, and lots more.

Additionally, advances and debit note listing helps to ensure timely billing and contras before any payments are made to your sub-contractors. Retention (maximum and progressive) computations are also supported and are deducted from progress claims before final payment.

Easy Retrieval and Checking of Documents

This built-in document management enables digital storage of documents and correspondences. These files can be in Word, Excel, CAD and scanned documents (JPG, PNG) file format. Once online, you can retrieve any documents easily.

  • Pre-configured with best-practice functionalities
  • Easy to use
  • Quick deployment
  • Specifically built for Engineering & Construction businesses

The affordable and flexible solution to drive your productivity

Subscriptions can be activated in 48 hours and it starts from as low as RM500 per month.

  • Contract Management
  • Project Portfolio
  • Sub-contract Management
  • Payments & Collections

Added tools & support

  • Digital Document Management
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Audit & Administration
  • Security Controls
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Online Support