Training for Contract365 Cloud

Discover why Cloud could be the better option for your company and how it can elevate productivity.

Frequency : Monthly
Duration : 2 hours
Invitees : Contract365’s clients

Enterprise Solution

Monitor, Manage & Mobilise
from contract management to data analytics

By implementing Contract365 Enterprise Solution, you will be able to monitor your projects’ budget, project cost, revenue schedules, project cash-flows, project status, and a whole lot more on any mobile device, in real-time. This gives you the power to make timely course corrections – wherever you may be.

With Contract365, the workflow process of your organisation can be planned, monitored, measured and accounted for effectively.


Contract365: The better cost control solution

Project-centric companies such as those in the construction industry require precise planning and execution. With an overview of what’s really going on with each project, your company will greatly benefit from better productivity, cost management and schedule management.

1. Instant visibility on profitability

Cost visibility is not restricted to just a single project. You will have cost visibility across projects, phases or packages, and companies. You will be able to view all cost aspects and how they relate to each other – anytime, anywhere – on any device.

  • Multi-revisions of project budgets
  • Progress billing
  • Variation order
  • Work-in-progress
  • Percentage of completion
  • Committed cost
  • Actual costs
2. Optimise cash flow

From the initial stages until the closure of project, quick decisions can be made based on a full picture, and not based on bits of information that are kept in silos in different departments in your company.

3. Monitor cost in real-time

A construction project depends on having the right people with right skills, and having the right material in the right place at the right time.

  • Compare baseline and revised budgets
  • Maintain better control of material requisition, purchases, good received, transfers or wastages in real-time
4. Make data-backed decisions wherever you are

With Contract365 Business Intelligence dashboard can be customised to pull data that is important to key personnel and it is presented in a visually pleasing graphical format. You will be able to select and view reports in just a few clicks.

  • Access anytime, anywhere – on any device
  • Real-time insights on contracts’ status
  • Drill-down for details
  • Reports across companies, projects and phases
  • Tools: Selection, search, sort, filter, export, natural language search
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Cross-platform usability

Digitise your project controls with on-premise Contract365 Enterprise Solution

  • Project & Financial Accounting
  • Purchasing Management
  • Contract Management
  • Asset Management
  • Resource Management
  • Business Intelligence
Added tools
  • Digital Document Management
  • Workflow Approvals
  • Alerts & Notifications